Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

gonegirlGone Girl: A Novel
Gillian Flynn

4 book marks

This is a very well-written and creepy story about a completely dysfunctional marriage and the extreme lengths to which Amy Dunne goes to get the upper hand over her husband, Nick. Nick proves to be an equal match, however, and as the details emerge and opinions form, it’s hard to know who or what to believe.

Flynn presents some interesting side characters. Nick’s twin sister, Go, has to question Nick’s behavior and his choices and she must choose between her loyalty to Nick and the apparent truth. Amy’s too-perfect parents are a puzzling mix of traits. They are loving and worried about their only child, but have been surprisingly opportunistic as authors of the Amazing Amy series. Nick’s misogynistic father, deep into Alzheimer’s, offers plenty of looks into Nick’s unhappy upbringing. Nick’s mother is the only pure character in this story and her death leaves Nick without an anchor.

The police, newspaper reporters and TV journalists have a heyday with their investigation into the story of Amy’s disappearance and their traits are true to the current behavior of real life media. Add to that some additional bizarre characters from Amy’s past, and you’re fully submerged into a thick mix of questionable motives and unclear truths.

I think the best part of this book is Flynn’s look into the strange state of Amy’s marriage to Nick and the mind games they play to manipulate each other. And I think the story’s open-ended finish adds to its eeriness. Excellent and original!

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