Through My Eyes by Tim Tebow

throughmyeyesThrough My Eyes
Tim Tebow and Nathan Whitaker

3 book marks

Whether or not you like Tim Tebow, whether you agree with his use of fame to promote his faith, you should not be surprised with what is inside this book. It is exactly what you should expect, if you know even a little bit about his story and his personality.

You can question why Tim Tebow felt he was ready to write his memoir at such a young age. The answer should be very clear. He is using his experience to spread the word of Christianity, so why wait until he’s an old man? He is using his exposure in football to reach as many people as he can, right now.

His personal story is about being homeschooled, being dyslexic, being taught at a very young age the importance of his religion and family and of reaching out to people. There is a good bit of description of these values. No surprises.

There also are a lot of detailed, play-by-play descriptions of his college games, bowl games and SEC and BCS Championships at University of Florida. If you like that, you will like reliving these games. You will also hear a lot about his workout routines, how much he lifted, how he pushed himself, how he pushed his teammates to go beyond their best.

There were parts of his memoir that surprised me. There is more bragging than I had expected. And there is a fair amount of his parents’ manipulation (or management) of Tim’s quarterback career, including threatening to quit Pop Warner unless he played quarterback and moving to a different school district because he wasn’t taking snaps at Jacksonville Trinity Christian Academy.

Not all professional athletes want to be viewed as role models, but they are in the public eye anyway and stories about the bad role models make headlines regularly. Tim Tebow wants to be out there in a positive way. He wants to be noticed and, besides sending his religious message, his biggest goal, a kid himself, is to reach out to kids. If you can take the rest of it, then he’s your man.

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