Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

million dollar
Million-Dollar Throw
Mike Lupica

4 book marks

Great young adult book. This is the story of Nate, a 13-year-old boy who is the star quarterback for his 8th grade football team. He wins a chance to win a million dollars if he throws a thirty-yard pass through a target during half-time at a New England Patriots game.

The story is mostly about Nate and his best friend Abby. Nate’s parents are under financial stress and Abby is losing her eyesight. These pressures affect Nate’s performance on the football field and, what seemed like a fun contest suddenly becomes too much.

The relationship between Nate and Abby is sweet and moving – Lupica does a good job describing their feelings and with their dialogue. And the parents are realistic, not perfect. Nate’s disagreement with his dad is particularly touching. The author provides a great view into how pressures make even good people snap at loved ones.

The story is modern in every way – realistic language, relevant sports references and up-to-date technology make this an appealing read for kids.

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One thought on “Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

  1. Reblogged this on Book Club Mom and commented:

    From the early archives – celebrating four years of blogging! Million Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica is a great middle school story, and just in time to recommend to your kids for summer reading!

    Notice the jersey number on the cover – can you guess whose it is?

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