Harry and Catherine by Frederick Busch

harry and cath picHarry and Catherine
Frederick Busch


Some books can stand the test of time, but Harry and Catherine, published in 1990, has a dated feel about it and that made the story less believable from a current point of view.

Harry, Catherine and Carter, members of this grown-up love triangle, are only in their early forties, hardly old by today’s standards.

I found it difficult to like Catherine, who was busy trying to show how she could handle the cold upstate NY winters on her own. And something prevented me from understanding what kind of great love Harry and Catherine shared in the past. It was hard to get to know these characters. I thought Carter’s character was the most believable and cheered for him.

The conflict of commercial development versus keeping our countryside beautiful, with the additional plot of the black cemetery being unearthed and moved seemed contrived, or maybe that overlay too, was unfortunately, dated.

But in the end, I thought the final chapters were the best and I enjoyed the references to upstate NY. Likewise, the garden discussions and cooking references made me want to go out into my own garden and pull together a good meal.


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