The Piano Teacher by Janice Y. K. Lee

the piano teacher picThe Piano Teacher – A Novel
Janice Y. K. Lee

3 book marks

I didn’t know much about Hong Kong during World War II, so this part of the book was interesting to me. But I couldn’t understand why the author kept switching from past tense to present tense, because it wasn’t consistent and it drew my attention away from the story and its characters.

Lee seems to be better at plot than characters – I thought the storyline was pretty good and, although it dragged a little in the middle, Lee tied up the details well. SPOILER ALERT – I would say that Locket’s lineage was pretty easy to figure out.

Her characters were a little stereotypical, particularly Trudy. We have all read books with a character like her mixed into the plot. And at times I felt like I was reading Gone With The Wind goes to Hong Kong!

I was disappointed that the initial storyline of Claire stealing from the Chens never developed. That was one of the more interesting traits of Claire’s character, who, like some of the other characters, were a little flat.

But The Piano Teacher was worth the effort despite my frustrations.


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