Holocaust survival in Four Perfect Pebbles

four perfect peb pic

Four Perfect Pebbles – A Holocaust Story
by Lila Perl and Marion Blumenthal Lazan

Rating: ****

This is the chronicle of one family’s survival during the Holocaust. Marion Blumenthal Lazan tells the story of how she and her mother, father and brother tried to flee Germany during Hitler’s regime. They ultimately were taken to the Berger-Belsen concentration camp where they endured deplorable conditions of death, disease and starvation. Their ordeal lasted six and a half years.

This story is such an important one to tell. It shows the strength and determination of the Blumenthals and how they clung to each other to survive during a time of horrible acts. And it shows how they made their own happiness and rebuilt their own lives in the United States after the war. Today, Lazan continues to share her experience by speaking at schools around the country.


2 thoughts on “Holocaust survival in Four Perfect Pebbles

  1. I can’t bring myself to see a movie or read a book about the Holocaust. It’s just too horrible. But it’s important that we keep the memories alive and that we never forget what human beings are capable of.

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