The Amateur – another point of view

the amateur pic

The Amateur
by Edward Klein

Rating: ***

Warning – dangerous political views expressed!

I don’t know what to think about this portrayal of Barack Obama because it is extremely negative. I’ve read The New York Times review of this book and learned a few other things about the author and what people are saying about The Amateur.

I think it is important to take a step back anytime you read something this negative and consider the motives of the author and the other side of the story. Clearly Edward Klein (a Colgate graduate) cannot tolerate Obama and points to many examples of ineptitude and elitist behavior, supported by a loyal staff of gatekeepers. There are always enemies in politics.

Whether these stories are fair and balanced, or whether only half of them are true, or even somewhat less than that, I think it’s always good to be open to another opinion. This book, published in May 2012, did not change the outcome of our last Presidential election. But has our country changed much since Obama took office? Not really, though it’s hard to make things happen in Washington, isn’t it?


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