Ten things I’ve learned about blogging

blog pic

  1. If it’s boring, people won’t read it.
  2. If it’s too long, people won’t read it.
  3. If you ask people to read it, they might not read it.
  4. But…if there’s a nice picture with the words, people might read it.
  5. And if it’s just a picture with a caption, some people will look at it and read the caption.
  6. If it’s a short poem, people will probably read it.
  7. If it’s funny, many people will read it.
  8. If it’s about food, many people will read it.
  9. If it’s controversial, people who like to get fired up will read it.
  10. And if it’s not boring or too long, has a picture and rhymes, talks about food, or evokes laughter, some people will read it, “like” it and visit again…maybe!

Thanks for reading.  Please visit again soon!


4 thoughts on “Ten things I’ve learned about blogging

  1. Cute. My blogging pet peeve is when people like things on my blog that they obviously didn’t read to try to get noticed…. Like um, I just posted that 1,200 word post 35 seconds ago… I know you didn’t take the gem to read it !! Lol right?

  2. I find building interactivity into my blog posts – with conversation in the comments – has greatly increased my readership. It helps if the blog is a fun, pleasant place to be.

    1. That’s great advice and I think you are right. I’ve used a couple fun polls and find that people like to answer them, especially if they’re not too serious. Thanks for visiting and commenting!

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