Snow Day Alert

Snow Day Alert

The call came in at 5:00 am,
I’ve answered quite a few,
It’s been a snowy winter,
I knew just what to do.

When I was once a girl in school,
We heard a different way,
A loud horn told our sleepy town,
There’d be no school that day.

Now I get an email,
And then an auto-call,
It’s posted on the website too,
The message goes to all.

And when I get that message,
My kids know what comes next.
I don’t go door-to-door upstairs.
I tell them with a text!

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5 thoughts on “Snow Day Alert

  1. Your so pithy! Hee hee! What part of the country do you live in to get so much snow? We are in New England and have had two snow days so far, I think… Today it is snowing here, but no snow day, thank the lord!! xox.

  2. Love that, Barb! My store was closed today, so I felt a bit like the kids. Let’s just pray you won’t have to compose another poem for Wednesday — one that involves the words “power outage.”

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