Book Club Mom’s rating system

Book Club Mom’s Rating System

I rarely read reviews before I’ve read a book.  I’m afraid they will be full of spoilers and I’m afraid someone else’s opinion will become blended into mine.  I try very hard to give you exactly what I’ve thought, separate from popular opinion.

I think 5-star reviews should be saved for the books that truly do something to you, the ones you think about years later, whose characters become real people to you.  Books that change the way you think, the way you feel.  These are the great classics, the old ones that still ring true and the new ones you just know will hold their meaning years from now.  To me, the 5-star review is the Hall of Fame for the greatest books ever.  Too often, people slap 5 stars on their reader reviews and what we wind up with is a top-heavy collection of what are definitely very good books, sitting next to the best of the best.  If you do that, then how do you distinguish between them?

I don’t give a lot of 5 stars.  I save them so they have meaning.  I give 4 stars to books I think are really great.  And 3 to books I’ve enjoyed a lot.  I don’t give out a lot of 2-star and 1-star reviews because I can usually see something good in what I’ve read.  And if you’ve ever read some of those 1- and 2-star reviews, you will know that they are mostly just opinionated rants.  But if a book is a true clunker, I might give it a 1-star!

So here’s my rating system, jazzed up a little with a brand-new graphic!

The best of the best!
5 book marks

Great read!
4 book marks

Very good!
3 book marks

2 book marks

Not so good
1 book mark

What do you think?  Do you like this system?  Do you think I’m too easy or hard on books?

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