Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – What would you do? – Warning: spoilers below

Me before you pic
Me Before You
by Jojo Moyes
4 book marks

When a book makes you laugh and cry, you like it, right?  You feel the book, the subject.  You are invested in the characters.  What if it makes you do that while its characters contemplate the right to die?  If the characters you love consider decisions that cross your moral line, do you still love the book?  Can you recommend it?  Say you loved it?  Do you still like the author who created these characters?

Here’s my dilemma:  I did like the book, a lot.  I loved Will Traynor and Lou Clark.  I loved what she did for him, how he softened.  I loved his personality and how he finally opened up to her.  I loved Lou Clark, how she grew into her role, how she is transformed from an aimless, silly young woman into something extraordinary.  I loved what Will Traynor did for her.  He pushed her to experience, to live a life outside her stifling town.  It was a perfect coming-together and I saw all the possibilities the lay ahead.

I know this a book that is designed to make you think.  In a Goodreads interview, Jojo Moyes says two things that make me feel less betrayed:

Although some people would have preferred a different ending, I think it was the right ending in terms of being true to the characters.

Ultimately it’s a book that says just live. That’s what I hope it says. If you’re lucky enough to have a life, live in a way that you won’t have any regrets.

So in the end I do recommend Me Before You.  It’s actually a very funny book.  The characters are great.  I still feel hurt by the ending but the potential for discussion is great.

What did you think?

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4 thoughts on “Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – What would you do? – Warning: spoilers below

  1. It’s been a year since I’ve read it but I can remember that I was dreading the book to end. I think Jojo Moyes did a good thing to let it end this way. There are many people like Will even though we can’t understand what they are really going through. It was an honest ending and it was brave.

  2. I know what you mean. I read the last few chapters standing up. I had to go somewhere but I felt I had to finish reading before I left. I was glad I read the Goodreads interview and I also watched Jojo Moyes interviewed on YouTube. That helped me understand the ending a little better. She was asked if she would make that decision and she said she couldn’t rule it out. Thanks so much for visiting and adding to the discussion!

  3. I completely agree with your assessment of Me Before You. I loved the journey. I laughed, I cried, I talked to the characters as I read through their story. I was also shocked and hurt by the ending. It was realistic and probably the best way to end it but the romantic in me was so hoping for Jojo to give me that happy ending. It really makes you think and wonder – what decision would I make?

    1. At the least, Moyes shows a different perspective on the subject. I have to admit, I was completely romanced into the idea that they were going to make a life together. But I also had a knot in my stomach as the story started pointing to Switzerland. Now I’m wistful about their time together. Thanks for stopping by!

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