Even more Jane Eyre vocabulary!

Charlotte Brontë - she didn't just write novels!
Charlotte Brontë – has a way with words!

As I climb into the library’s window-seat to read, the curtain drawn about me, I find I am enjoying some of these words.  I am certain I have come to appreciate the clever manner in which they are used.  And I do believe I am starting to think and write like someone from the 1800s!

sago:  n. edible starch that is obtained from a palm and is a staple food in the tropics (Here’s a little bit of clever foreshadowing I had not noticed before – why is the mysterious Grace Poole preparing such a food?)

confabulate:  v. engage in conversation; talk (Can you imagine Mr. Rochester’s party of guests prattling on in the Thornfield Hall drawing room?)

charivari:  n. a cacophonous mock serenade, typically performed by a group of people in derision of an unpopular person or in celebration of a marriage (What spoiled children Ladies Blanche and Mary and Lord Ingram must have been, especially with their governesses!)

contumelious:  adj. (of behavior) scornful and insulting; insolent (Lady Blanche certainly does not approve of little Adèle!)

diablerie:  n. reckless mischief; charismatic wildness (Hmmmm…why is Mr. Rochester dressed up like a gipsy?)

As for these words, I probably could have guessed at confabulate’s definition.  What a fun-sounding word!  And knowing that diable is a French word, meaning “devil” would have helped me with diablerie.  The others?  I looked them up!

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