Book Preview: The Spirit in the Stick by Neil Duffy

spirit in the stick picThe Spirit in the Stick
Neil Duffy

Tonight marks the official beginning of lacrosse season at my house.  Training and practices have dominated our children’s schedules for the entire off-season and now we are ready for some games!  I’m excited to begin my season as a proud mother as I find my place in the stands to watch them play the sport.

Lacrosse is widely considered America’s first sport. There’s something special about its community of coaches, players and parents.  The respect and history of lacrosse and its important spiritual connections make it a truly exceptional game.  That’s why, this week, when I’m not on the sidelines, I’ll be reading The Spirit in the Stick, by Neil Duffy.  It’s a story about fourteen-year-old Robbie Jones and a two-hundred-year-old lacrosse stick, handed down to him by Hall-of-Famer Jimmy Lewis.  Robbie doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to learn an important lesson about the true character of this extraordinary stick.

The Spirit in the Stick includes an introduction by Bob Scott, Legendary Johns Hopkins Lacrosse Coach and a member of the U.S. Lacrosse Hall of Fame.  In his comments, he writes:

This story is a major contribution to the great game of lacrosse.  Indeed, it transcends the game.  The rich historical and spiritual roots of its main characters provide stories that will touch every reader, regardless of age, gender, or association with the game of lacrosse.

Duffy has received much praise from coaches, players and people of all ages who are connected to the game.  Here are some of these comments:

“This story touched me on many levels.  This is a terrific piece of work.” – Dom Starsia, Head Lacrosse Coach, University of Virginia

“A powerful, very spiritual story.  I would recommend it to any young player today.” – Richie Meade, Head Lacrosse Coach, U.S. Naval Academy

“You’ve woven a wonderful story through a truly great player who accepted the mandate of honoring and respecting the Creator’s game!” – Sid Jamieson, former Bucknell University and Iroquois National Team Coach

“You have done a wonderful service for the sport – its founders, the fans, and the players of yesterday, today, and the future.” – Mike Hanna, Director of Athletics, Hobart College

Neil Duffy
Neil Duffy

About the Author:  Neil Duffy is from Massapequa Park, NY and is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.  He is a teacher, coach, and advisor at Norfolk Academy in Norfolk, VA.  You can find more information about this book on the author’s website:

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