iBooks Spotlight – 20 Best Books of June

iBooks Spotlight has just released its 20 Best Books of June. To access this list, visit iTunes and select Books > Fiction & Literature > 20 Best Books of June.
I have recreated the list below. Books are listed alphabetically, by author.

Check it out for something new and different to read!

Fiction Picks:

Brutal Youth, by Anthony Breznican –
A seasoned entertainment writer pens a dark debut about high school.

 brutal youth

Your Fathers, Where Are They?, by Dave Eggers –
A man kidnaps authority figures in the follow-up to The Circle.

 your fathers, where are they

The Director: A Novel, by David Ignatius –
Inspired by the Snowden case, a reporter pens a digital spy thriller.

the director

Summer House with Swimming Pool, by Herman Koch –
The author of The Dinner returns with another ink-black tale.

 summer house with swimming pool

Those Who Wish Me Dead, by Michael Koryta –
Set in Montana, this ace thriller pits a teen against hardened killers.

 those who wish me dead

Mambo in Chinatown, by Jean Kwok –
After Girl in Translation, Kwok explores ballroom dance and blood ties.

 mambo in chinatown

I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You, by Courtney Maum –
Can a rising star fix his broken marriage after years of infidelity?

 i am having so much fun

The Quick, by Lauren Owen –
This spooky debut brings supernatural elements to Victorian London.

 the quick

The American Mission, by Matthew Palmer –
Global headlines come to life as intrigue and international politics
collide in the Congo in this electrifying debut thriller.

 the american mission

Em and the Big Hoom, by Jerry Pinto –
A devastatingly original debut novel about a young boy’s enchanting
and high-spirited mother who, when seized by bipolar disorder,
becomes monstrous, with calamitous consequences.

 em and the big hoom

Nonfiction Picks

Our Declaration, by Danielle Allen –
A political philosopher makes 1776’s seminal document relevant.

 our declaration

The Most Dangerous Book, by Kevin Birmingham –
Learn about the controversy surrounding James Joyce’s Ulysses.

 the most dangerouse book

Molly’s Game, by Molly Bloom –
Get an insider’s look at Hollywood’s flashy underground poker scene.

 molly's game

Good Hunting, by Jack Devine –
After three decades with the CIA, Devine offers insights and critique.

 good hunting

How Not to Be Wrong, by Jordan Ellenberg –
A mathematics professor celebrates the power of good reasoning.

 how not to be wrong

Deep, by James Nestor –
This fascinating book explores scientific findings about the ocean.


Rock Breaks Scissors, by William Poundstone –
a practical guide to outguessing everything from multiple-choice tests
to the office football pool to the stock market.

 rock breaks scissors

Take This Man, by Brando Skyhorse –
Astonishing moments abound in the author’s childhood memoir.

 take this man

Big Little Man, by Alex Tizon –
History and memoir mesh in this dazzling survey of Asian masculinity.

big little man

Invisibles, by David Zweig –
What do fact-checkers, anesthesiologists, U.N. interpreters, and structural engineers
have in common? When they do their jobs poorly, the consequences can be catastrophic for their organizations. But when they do their jobs perfectly…they’re invisible.


Which books would you pick to read on your beach vacation?  From the Fiction list, I would pick I Am Having So Much Fun Here Without You and Em and the Big Hoom.  From the nonfiction list, I would pick Rock Breaks Scissors and Invisibles.

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!


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