One Hundred Hungry Ants by Elinor J. Pinczes

one hundred hungry ants
One Hundred Hungry Ants

by Elinor J. Pinczes
Illustrated by Bonnie MacKain


One hundred ants were singing
and marching in a row.
“We’re going to a picnic!
A hey and a hi dee ho!”

A couple days ago, ants invaded our kitchen from all fronts. From under cabinets, through little cracks between the molding and floor, and through the window they marched with purpose, having discovered a bounty of crumbs and sticky spills.

I went to war. The battle lasted the entire day and I showed no mercy. I sprayed a little, mopped a lot, cleaned cabinets and ran to the store for twelve of the most powerful ant traps I could buy. All the while, I kept thinking about this children’s book, One Hundred Hungry Ants. We read it many times to our kids when they were younger and were just learning the early concepts of math.

One hundred ants head out to a picnic, marching in a row. The littlest ant thinks they are “moving way too slow” and he has an idea. So begins the math lesson embedded in this cute story about sets of ten and grouping. It’s a nice way to introduce math and make it fun. Will the ants reach the picnic in time? Curl up with your little one and have a look. And if there’s no food at the picnic, I’m sure the ants will find something in our kitchen!

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