What’s your favorite summer read?

Youngblood Hawke pic

Do you like a big story with lots of drama? Do you like a book with an overlay of social, moral and political commentary? Do you like complex characters and a bigger-than-life main character?

I say “yes” to all these things and today I finished re-reading Youngblood Hawke, by Herman Wouk. It’s a whopper of a summer read, nearly 800 pages and totally worth the effort!

Check back tomorrow for my official review. It’s #1 of my Top Ten Favorite Books!

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2 thoughts on “What’s your favorite summer read?

  1. I really liked Round and Round by Terry Tyler, a young women reaches her fortieth birthday and wonders what might have happened if she chose a different life path.

  2. I love books that hook you from the first page. I read a children’s book which was published 1954 The Children of the Green Knowe by L M Boston. At first I didn’t know it was a children’s book, but the opening line had me hooked and I had to read on. ‘A little boy was sitting in the corner of a railway carriage looking out at the rain which was splashing against the windows and blotching downward in an ugly, dirty way.’ I found it to be a wonderful book and I wish I had read it as a child, if was full of wonderment and magic.

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