Back to school blues!

Back to School Blues

Schools are open in our town.
The kids are seeking knowledge.
There’s one less place set at our table.
He’s eating at his college.

We had some bedroom switches.
Our hamster crossed the hall.
Alarms and iPhones have now been set
To the schedules for the fall.

We’ve had a couple mishaps,
Some debacles with transportation.
It’s been a long first couple days.
What a back-to-school sensation!

I also bought twelve one-inch binders,
And some folders in colors fine.
But this year there won’t be much paper.
All their stuff’s online!

Oh how I do remember,
My old school days with pride.
When books were carried to and fro
With papers stuffed inside.

I did my homework at our table,
There was no technology.
And I somehow managed to get by,
Without knowing Schoology!


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