What’s up next? Elizabeth is Missing, by Emma Healey

Elizabeth is Missing pic

I saw this debut novel reviewed by my blogging friend, The Perfectionist Pen, (theperfectionistpen.wordpress.com), and I knew it was something I’d want to read. I’m about seventy pages into the story and the only thing I want to do today is sit and read the whole thing!

It’s the story of Maud, who is nearly lost in a world of elderly dementia. She is struggling to understand what has happened to her lifelong friend, Elizabeth. Maud’s daughter and caregivers don’t take her worry seriously.  Surely she is just confused about things.  But Maud is certain something has happened. As she searches for clues, with limited abilities, she’s reminded of the mystery behind her sister, Sukie’s disappearance, shortly after World War II. Clear memories from the past occupy her mind and Maud’s muddled sense of reality places her in a sad and moving position.

This first person narrative takes place in England and is told through Maud’s point of view. It’s a look into the confused perceptions of a woman who is losing her grip of the present, but is holding on for her dear friend, Elizabeth. I’m looking forward to seeing how this story unfolds!

Emma Healey
Emma Healey

Emma Healey is a new author from England who has a degree in bookbinding and a second degree in Creative Writing. Check out her website at: http://emmahealey.co.uk/

And be sure to visit The Perfectionist Pen and read her review of Elizabeth is Missing.


Come back soon – I’ll be reading during this long weekend!


2 thoughts on “What’s up next? Elizabeth is Missing, by Emma Healey

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