The Eighth Day – King Arthur’s descendants in a battle between good and evil

Hi Everyone – I’m getting ready to blog about the next book in Dianne Salerni’s series. It’s called The Inquisitor’s Mark and it picks up where The Eighth Day ends. Check out my review of The Eighth Day and stop back soon for more about this exciting series!

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the eighth day

The Eighth Day
by Dianne K. Salerni
4 book marks

Imagine a day between Wednesday and Thursday, in which people are trapped, put there centuries earlier by King Arthur and his allies. These are the Kin, King Arthur’s adversaries and they are imprisoned in the Eighth Day to keep the rest of the world safe. Imagine, too, people called Transitioners, who can move between the Normal world and this Eighth Day and who have enhanced talents to protect and help them. And last, imagine a group of people who are plotting to break the Eighth Day spell, to exact revenge on King Arthur’s descendants, obliterate the people of the Normal world and release the Kin in their place.

This is the central conflict in The Eighth Day, an exciting fantasy adventure by Dianne K. Salerni. It’s a story with a simple beginning that explodes into global proportions. Jax Aubrey has just…

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