I’m reading The Amish Midwife, by Mindy Starns Clark and Leslie Gould

The Amish Midwife

I recently posted about a popular genre in my area called “Bonnet Rippers,” smartly written Amish romance novels. Readily available at many stores near me, I also discovered that these books are in great demand at the library. I managed to get my hands on The Amish Midwife and read a couple chapters this morning.

Lexie Jaeger is a young nurse and midwife in Portland, Oregon. Adopted as a baby and raised as a Mennonite, Lexie has always had a strong faith and connection to her family and church. She knows that her birth family loved her but could not raise her, but she has always felt an unsettled emptiness in her life. She dearly misses her adoptive mother, who died when she was a girl, and now she returns to nurse her father in his final days. Before he dies, Lexie’s father tells her about a carved wooden box in his closet. In the box are locks of hair and a handwritten letter from 1877, all in German. Now, with both parents gone, Lexie is alone, and still unsettled.

A job in Lancaster, Pennsylvania promises change and a chance to learn more about her birth family in the east. And this is where Chapter Three begins!

I’m already enjoying this nicely written story, so check back in a couple days for my review!

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