Here’s some nonfiction for 2015

I don’t read a lot of nonfiction and my resolution for 2015 is to broaden my reading scope. I spent some time looking for some good nonfiction to add to my reading list. Kirkus Reviews recently published its 2015 nominations for best nonfiction and I picked out five books that look good to me. All descriptions are from the Kirkus Reviews.


Between You and Me

Between You & Me – Confessions of a Comma Queen
by Mary Norris

New Yorker editor since 1978, Norris provides an educational, entertaining narrative about grammar, spelling and punctuation.”


Is Shame Necessary

Is Shame Necessary?: New Uses for an Old Tool
by Jennifer Jacquet, illustrated by Brendan O’Neill Kohl

“An intellectually stimulating discussion of shame and its enduring place in the digital age.”


The Italians

The Italians
by John Hooper

“A compact but comprehensive study of the people of Italy.”


the man who couldn't stop

The Man Who Couldn’t Stop: OCD and the True Story of a Life Lost in Thought
by David Adam

“An engrossing first-person study of obsessive-compulsive disorder from within and without.”


Victoria A Life

Victoria: A Life
by A.N. Wilson

“A shimmering portrait of a tempestuous monarch.”


What’s on your nonfiction list?  Leave a recommendation and I’ll add it to mine!

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2 thoughts on “Here’s some nonfiction for 2015

  1. I am envious of all you read for 2014. I will be trying to read more in 2015 ! Just read Louise Erdrich’s ‘The Master Butcher’s Singing Club.’ Next up is All the Light We Cannot See. Orphan Train and Station Eleven in the wings!

  2. Did you like The Master Butcher’s Singing Club? I liked Orphan Train and plan to read All the Light…Let me know what you think and thanks for visiting!

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