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Spit HoveringTomorrow I will be blogging about a special book of poetry. It’s called Spirit Hovering, by Nancy Arbuthnot and it’s a collection of meditative poems. Some of them are about children and family and letting go. Some recall memories of times past. Others tackle difficult subjects: loss, war, a rape, a boy contemplating suicide, a pact of secrecy between sisters. And some are simple thoughts about ordinary moments. Each of her poems describes a unique emotion, and all of them invite reflection. In addition, Arbuthnot has added a spiritual element to her poetry by tying inspirational Biblical passages to each poem.

I’ll be sharing two of these poems, “Boy on the Playground” and “War Haiku” and I’d love to get some feedback on what they mean to you. So be sure to check back tomorrow and tell me what you think!

Nancy Arbuthnot
Nancy Arbuthnot

Nancy Arbuthnot is Professor Emerita at the United States Naval Academy. She’s an active volunteer at Calvary Women’s Services in Washington, DC and she conducts writing workshops at spiritual retreats, homeless shelters, and senior citizen centers. She’s also a certified Journal to the Self instructor and Associate Editor of Telling Our Stories Press. In addition to Spirit Hovering, she is the author of Deep Blue, a chapbook of poems about growing up in a Navy family.

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