Blog views & other obsessions – comments


I received some great comments about views, integrating posts with Twitter and Facebook, and other blogging perspectives. So here are just a few more thoughts:

  • It’s very helpful to read how other people blog, what their routines are, and what they enjoy about the experience. I agree that making and receiving comments has been one of the best parts. And this was a completely unexpected benefit! I also agree that seeing how many different countries view my blog is a really fun stat.
  • I am also surprised by what gets views. My most frequently viewed post is about the short story, “Saint Marie” from Love Medicine, by Louise Erdrich. I’m not sure it deserves the attention, but I hope it’s been helpful!
  • I think taking a Twitter class would be very helpful. I am just learning how to interact, but I have a lot to learn. There are so many ways to connect on social media. I’m lucky to have a bunch of savvy teenagers around to offer advice. The young own social media, but I’m glad to have my toe in.
  • I’m thinking about adding a category on Book Club Mom and including posts about connecting through social media. But for now, I’m just trying to move from doggy paddle to crawl!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!


3 thoughts on “Blog views & other obsessions – comments

  1. It is odd, the way comments pan out. I have discovered that any post which has reference to an animal (preferably domesticated, esp. cat or dog) draws a crowd, and at the moment I’m going through a phase for short stories, but my blogging is very haphazard and my timing – the point in the seven-day cycle when I publish, is also arbitrary. Re. your comment on Twitter classes, how about a week-long intensive on Facebook, with appropriate warnings? I have dark suspicions and needful fears about Facebook: I think it should be the subject of far greater primary school scrutiny than sex education, for example. Teach the kids what they really need to be afraid of! Oh-oh, blog coming up!

    1. My short story reviews get a lot of views – not sure why, but I think maybe kids read those stories in school and then Google the title. I think kids definitely need to be educated about social media and learn how to manage their online reputation. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see! Thanks for commenting.

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