The Versatile Blogger Award


Thank you Sayling Away for nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award!

In turn, I hereby nominate the following 15 terrific blogs.  Be sure to check them out!

nominate buttonA Sign of Life

Between the Lines

Black and Write

Explore Newness


From the Laundry Room

Ginger’s Grocery

Mom Goes On

Mom Mom’s Apron


My Poetry


Stuff Jeff Reads

Susan Wingate

Triskele Reviews

…and here are seven things you might not know
about Book Club Mom:

  1. I played with Barbies until I was 12.
  2. My college girfriends and I called ourselves
    The Wild Women of the Eighties.
  3. I used to race sailboats.
  4. I broke my arm on the slopes.
  5. I was once kicked out of a hat store for being too rowdy.
  6. I wanted to be a twirler in high school but I didn’t make the squad.
  7. My family thinks pillows on a couch are unnecessary.

(Thank you for the great “Nominate” graphic!)

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