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Thank you for visiting Book Club Mom’s Friday Fiction. Below is Chapter 5 of Jessica, a story about a nineteen-year-old woman who is trying break the pattern of loss and unhappiness that has defined her childhood. What Jessica wants most is to build a life with her boyfriend, Jimmy, but Jimmy is trapped in a dangerous family dynamic. When Jessica learns the truth about Jimmy, it’s up to her to save him. To do this, she must turn to the one person who has hurt her the most, her father. A series of events pushes Jessica beyond anything she can imagine and forces her to define happiness and love in a different way, and at a heartbreaking price.

Chapter 5 – Jimmy’s Truck

I saw Jimmy almost every night after my job at the Springs Diner. That day, like every other, I worked the breakfast and lunch shifts. My stomach had been in a knot all day about Jimmy’s truck missing from his driveway that morning. Where had he gone? It was very early when I left his house to get ready for work and only an hour later when I drove back past on my way to the diner. He’d whispered, “See ya, Jes” to me as I left his room. The sound of his sleepy voice sent a wave of warmth through me. I thought of him still sleeping under the covers we’d shared.

I knew Jimmy didn’t start work until ten o’clock. He must have gotten out of bed right after I left. Was he faking that sleepy voice, just waiting for me to leave? Why didn’t he tell me he was going somewhere? I told him everything, why couldn’t he? It was the first time I’d felt unsure about us.

I went home after work and had the house to myself for a few hours before Mom got home. This was the time of day I usually felt glad to be home, but that day I was still worried about Jimmy. I went upstairs and turned up my stereo so I could feel the music move through the hall and down the stairs. I didn’t care if I blew out my speakers or if Mom came home early. The noise felt good. I wished Jimmy could see me in my room with the music blasting. I looked at myself in the mirror I thought if he could see me then, he would know what he had.

I had felt a little better that afternoon when I drove past his house after work and saw his truck. I knew it explained nothing, but my stomach settled knowing that Jimmy was back home, where he should be. That’s all that mattered now. I had planned to ask him where he’d been, but I was worried he’d get mad and I was afraid of what he might tell me. Did he have another girlfriend? What else could it be? I wasn’t sure I wanted to know. When I saw his truck, I told myself whatever was “off” between us was back in place. Who cares where he was? He’s back now, waiting for me.

By the time I got out of the shower I could hear the phone ringing. Sure enough, I heard the voice that always sent me into another kind of world, “Hey, Jes, what’re you up to, baby?”

If I could tell you what his voice did to me, you would understand what Jimmy meant to me and just how deep into my bones he went. Jimmy’s low and penetrating tone left my stomach bouncing like a child’s after a parade of big drums has passed. I felt the flutter when I heard Jimmy say, “Hey, Jes.” I forgot all about his truck missing from the driveway that morning and I said, “Hey, you.”

The next thing I knew Jimmy was at my door and his mouth was against mine and he was saying, “Let’s go upstairs before your mom gets home.”

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  1. Oh, I like Jimmy’s voice. I want to hear more of it. I like the suspense of the the missing truck. What’s he up to?

    But, you know I’ll have a “but” :). I want more dialogue. This is a fairly small chapter, so maybe it’s adding a conversation or a memory, or maybe it’s a memory of a morning in the past, their first morning. I want more Jimmy here. Show me why she feels him in her bones. Pretty sure I’m going to fall in love with him too.

    Behind on my reading…on to today’s chapter.

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