“The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber” – Hemingway classic

Here’s another Hemingway short story!

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Hemingway Ernest Hemingway

“The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”
Ernest Hemingway
5 book marks

If you have a little bit of time and want to read a great classic author, here’s the way to go.  I always remember liking this story and recently found it in my college book of American literature, which has traveled with me for many years!  This story first appeared in Cosmopolitan in 1936.

Francis and Margot Macomber are on an African safari, a rumored attempt to add some adventure to a failing marriage.  And from the outset, this marriage is most definitely doomed.  The story opens following a lion hunt during which Francis has retreated like a coward, much to his wife’s disgust, and to the contempt of their safari leader, Robert Wilson.

Francis is thirty-five-year-old boy, Margot is the type of woman men hate but are drawn to anyway, and Wilson does what he wants. …

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