What’s up next? The Farm, by Tom Rob Smith

The Farm
by Tom Rob Smith

I’m excited to begin reading The Farm, an international best seller by Tom Rob Smith. It’s a psychological thriller with a very intriguing plot. Here’s what I know:

Daniel is living in London and his parents are retired in Sweden. One night, Daniel gets a call from his father, telling him that his mother has had a psychotic episode and is in a mental hospital. Daniel makes immediate plans to fly to Sweden, but before he can get out the door, his mother calls.

Everything that man has told you is a lie. I’m not mad… I need the police… Meet me at Heathrow.

When they meet, his mother implicates Daniel’s father in a chilling tale of a crime and Daniel is caught in an impossible situation. Who to believe?

Tom Rob Smith was inspired by his own mother’s psychotic breakdown in which spoke at length of her own delusions.

Smith is the author of Child 44 (check out BCM’s Review), The Secret Speech, and Agent 6, a trilogy. The film Child 44 is now in theaters.

For more information about Tom Rob Smith, you can visit his author website.

Thanks also to Amazon and Wikipedia for the background information about Smith and his books.

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2 thoughts on “What’s up next? The Farm, by Tom Rob Smith

  1. I read this book sometime ago. Though, I thought to start with I was hook and couldn’t wait to find out what happen next, the story started to fall apart half way through and had a weak ending for me.

    P.S I’m not one of those reviews who tell you what happen next. I look forward to read what you thought of it 🙂

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