Helping victims of child abuse – Echoes of Silence, by Gwen Miller

Echoes of Silence
Echoes of Silence:
Letters to a Drug Addicted Mother
from the
Woman Who Took Her Place
Gwen Miller

Here’s a heads-up about an important upcoming book dedicated to helping abused children. Echoes of Silence: Letters to a Drug Addicted Mother from the Woman Who Took Her Place, by Gwen Miller, is scheduled for release in August 2015. The author has written a memoir about her experience adopting three traumatized foster children after raising three of her own biological children. I was put in touch with the author through a mutual friend, who told me about Gwen’s courageous and compassionate efforts.  People are already talking about Echoes of Silence and its message.  The book is a finalist in AuthorU’s “Draft to Dream” Book Competition and the author will soon be traveling to Denver, Colorado, to be recognized for her work. I’m looking forward to reading about Gwen’s special family and her impressive efforts. Gwen wants her story to be heard and she tells me, “I plan to use the book as a platform to raise awareness of addiction, child abuse and our broken foster system.”

Gwen Miller
Gwen Miller

You can find out more about Echoes of Silence on Gwen Miller’s website

Be sure to also visit Gwen Miller’s blog.

And check out Gwen Miller’s Author Page on Amazon.

Echoes of Silence is available for Pre-Order on Amazon.

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