Kate Atkinson has a new book – A God in Ruins

A God in Ruins cover

Book Preview – A God in Ruins, by Kate Atkinson

If you are a fan of Kate Atkinson and you enjoyed reading Life After Life as much as I did, you will be glad to know that she has a new book coming out next week, A God in Ruins. It’s not a sequel, but a companion book to Life After Life. A God in Ruins focuses on Ursula’s younger brother, Teddy as he faces many changes during the twentieth century. Much of the time in A God in Ruins coincides with the timeline in Life After Life. Doubleday, Atkinson’s publisher notes that “For all Teddy endures in battle, his greatest challenge will be to face living in a future he never expected to have.”

You can find out more about A God in Ruins by visiting Kate Atkinson’s website, Amazon, and Goodreads. I also found an interesting article in The Guardian.which explains the book’s premise and its connection to Life After Life.

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  1. Thanks for the link to the Guardian piece, I had missed that. I read Life After Life last year and loved it. This one will have to go on my birthday list!

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