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Twitter Tips

Here are two tips one of my resident Twitter experts gave me regarding WordPress and Twitter.

1)  I often “Share” my older WordPress posts on Twitter. I used to click on the Twitter icon at the bottom of my post to tweet and it would look something like this:

Notice the link plus the additional “via @BookClubMom”. It’s better not to tweet to your own Twitter account. Instead, include the link in a new tweet. And make your tweet look more professional by shortening your link. Use a website like,  and paste it directly into your tweet. Bitly is very easy to use, so check it out.

See how much cleaner this looks?

2)  A good way to take the plunge and interact with your Twitter followers is to add comment on a tweet from your feed. Here’s an example. Someone on my feed asked for a book recommendation. Rather than just tweeting out a favorite book, I responded directly by retweeting and adding my recommendation.

The person who asked for the book recommendation saw my comment and favorited it. This comment was seen by other followers who also favorited it. I could have taken it a step further by including the bitly link to my review of the book, but I didn’t think of that until later. Still learning!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!

3 thoughts on “Blog views & other obsessions – Twitter tips

  1. I’m also still learning Twitter. These are good tips. I’ve discovered that Twitter is fun for Connecting with others who share my unhealthy obsession with James Spader. Sigh.

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