Who’s That Author? Thomas Wolfe

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Thomas Wolfe
Thomas Wolfe

Thomas Wolfe (1900 – 1938) was a major American writer in the early twentieth century. He died young, at age thirty-eight, of a cerebral infection, and by then had published two large novels, Look Homeward, Angel (1929) and Of Time and the River (1938) and a collection of short stories, From Death to Morning. Two more novels were waiting for publication at the time of his death. The Web and the Rock was published in 1939 and You Can’t Go Home Again was published in 1940. His novels and short stories are chiefly biographical, which initially caused a stir in his hometown of Ashville, North Carolina. Some family and friends were unhappy with his portrayals, but they were later disappointed when they didn’t appear in subsequent novels!

Here are some links you might enjoy, with some biographical information and a list of his books on Amazon.com.

Thomas Wolfe Amazon author page

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One thought on “Who’s That Author? Thomas Wolfe

  1. If you ever visit Asheville, you can visit his house, which is a memorial site. Definitely take the guided tour. Very cool. I actually played on Thomas Wolfe’s front porch with a band that I was in for a while 🙂

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