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Thom Jones

Thom Jones is an American writer of short stories.  His principal works are The Pugilist at Rest – Stories (1993), Cold Snap – Stories (1995), and Sonny Liston Was a Friend of Mine – Stories (1999).

Here is a short biography from eNotes.com.

Biographical Information

Jones was born on January 26, 1945, in Aurora, Illinois. His father was a professional fighter, which seems to have had a large influence on Jones’s life. He received a bachelor’s degree from the University in Washington in 1970 and an M.F.A. from the University of Iowa in 1973. Prior to attending the University of Washington, Jones married Sally Williams, to whom he is still married. He also served in the Marine Corps, where he had an amateur career as a boxer. However, his boxing and military career ended when he received a brain injury in the ring, which resulted in his suffering from epilepsy. Although Jones received his M.F.A. in 1973, he didn’t work steadily as a writer for quite some time; instead, he worked as a janitor in a school where his wife was the librarian. The Pugilist at Rest (1993), although his first book, immediately gained him a reputation as an excellent writer. He has since published two more collections of short stories and has taught at the program that helped produce him, the Writer’s Workshop at the University of Iowa.”

Be sure to visit my review of “Cold Snap”, an excellent short story.

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