Who’s That Author? Nancy Krusoe

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Nancy Krusoe pren-z.org
Nancy Krusoe

Nancy Krusoe is an American author who was born and raised in Georgia. She wrote the story “Landscape and Dream” as a student in a Theory of Fiction class in the creative writing program at California State University. Her work has appeared in Magazine, The Santa Monica Review, American Writing, and The Georgia Review. I found this information in The Best American Short Stories 1994. I was unable to find much additional information about Krusoe, but I did find the following:

A book called Hens, Cows, Canoes/Wallpaper, co-authored by Krusoe and Lisa Bloomfield, was published in 2008, but is currently out of print.

A 2009 book of drawings, Doubting Thomas, uses Krusoe’s text from a novel-in-progress, Cellophane.

I also found a recent short story, “Fences and Fabrications” published on Phren-Z, an online literary magazine in Santa Cruz, California.

Be sure to check out my review of “Landscape and Dream”.

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