Blog views & other obsessions – scheduling tweets

Scheduling tweets

Twitter is a great way to share what’s going on with your blog, but have you ever looked at your Twitter feed and wondered how the accounts you follow manage to tweet so much? My feed is very busy. Tweets are constantly offering me advice, sharing links and saying clever things.

People seem to be very busy composing tweets, don’t they? How do they manage? These people are tweeting the smart way, I recently learned, by scheduling their tweets on TweetDeck and spreading them out during the day.

Here’s what to do:

  • Visit TweetDeck and sign in with your Twitter name (e.g. @BookClubMom) and password.
  • The TweetDeck page is made up of multiple columns, including a New Tweet column on the left, your Home feed and a column that shows your scheduled tweets. Using the toolbar on the left, you can add or delete columns, such as Notifications, Messages, Favorites, etc. If you have more than one Twitter account, you can see the scheduled tweets for all your accounts.
  • To schedule a tweet, compose your message in the New Tweet box and click on the Schedule Tweet button. Then pick a date and time and you’re all set. Once you schedule a tweet, you will see it in the Scheduled column.

Here’s what my TweetDeck page looks like. See how easy?

Screenshot (1)

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11 thoughts on “Blog views & other obsessions – scheduling tweets

  1. I’ve never tried TweetDeck, but maybe I should! I always wonder about people who seem to spend their entire day tweeting… now I know!

  2. I had heard of tweet deck but had no idea what to do with it. Thanks for this post, its made it so much clearer. Multiple tweeting here I come…

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