Who’s That Author? Elisa Kleven

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Elisa Kleven
Elisa Kleven hicklebees.com

Elisa Kleven is an American writer and illustrator of many children’s books, her own and others.   She has received national recognition and awards from The American Library Association, the New York Times, the Junior Library Guild, School Library Journal and the American Institute of Graphic Arts. Her titles have been Booklist editor choices and have been selected by PBS and Rainbow Books.

You should check out her own amazing website, which is full of details about her childhood and her career. As a young girl, she spent much of her time designing, decorating and playing with a doll house she kept in her closet. Look at the details in this doll house!

Isn't this neat?
Isn’t this neat? elisaklevin.com

Kleven grew up in a family that encouraged creativity. Her grandmother was a sculptor.  Her mother was an artist and created this famous etching, titled  “Primer” and  shown below:

Anyone who grew up in the sixties and seventies knows this poster!
Anyone who grew up in the sixties and seventies knows this poster! elisakleven.com

One of my favorite children’s book is The Lion and the Little Red Bird, which Kleven wrote and illustrated.

the lion and the little red bird pic

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