More information about Second Street Station, Edison and Tesla

Second Street StationWhenever I read historical fiction, I want to know more about the characters and the time period. After reading Second Street Station, I found some interesting things!

  • Here’s a great Forbes article, “Nikola Tesla Wasn’t a God and Thomas Edison Wasn’t the Devil” about Edison and Tesla and their bitter competition over what was called the “war of currents.” Edison developed the Direct Current (DC) and Tesla, the Alternating Current (AC) and each thought theirs was better. Turns out each current is good for certain things. If I’m getting this right, Alternating Current is better to send electricity over long distances and DC is for shorter distances. Most of our appliances run on Direct Current.
  • I also found a good article about Edison with lots of information about Edison’s childhood and his life as an inventor.
  • Edison didn’t sleep much. Instead he spent a lot of time in his laboratory. But it turns out he also loved the popular wine of the time, called Vin Mariani, which was laced with cocaine and undoubtedly kept him going. This article from The Atlantic talks about Edison and other sleepless creative and driven people (now and then): “Thomas Edison and the Cult of Sleep Deprivation”.
  • Here’s another article about geniuses who used drugs from Alternet: “10 Geniuses Who Used Drugs and Their Drugs of Choice”.
  • Spoiler alert! If you’ve finished reading Second Street Station, you might want to check out this Wikipedia article about Lizzie Lloyd King.
  • I also found this terrific PDF file from The New York Times detailing the trial of the Goodrich murder. The article includes this fun description of Mary Handley:

Miss Handley is a handsome brunette, about twenty-one years of age, and in appearance very unlike a detective.


Photo Credit:  Fran Levy
Photo Credit: Fran Levy

Lawrence Levy is an American film and TV writer. He is a Writers Guild Award winner and two-time Emmy nominee. He has written for many hit TV shows, including Roseanne, Family Ties, Saved by the Bell and Seinfeld. Second Street Station is the first book in his new Mary Handley Mystery series. His next book, Brooklyn on Fire, will be available in Spring 2016.

Brooklyn on Fire

For more information about Levy, be sure to check out his author website where you will find this great map of Mary Handley’s Brooklyn.


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