Very Good, Jeeves by P.G. Wodehouse

Just Enough Jeeves

Very Good, Jeeves
Just Enough Jeeves
P.G. Wodehouse

5 book marks

I have a plan, sir, which I fancy may produce satisfactory results.

These words are music to Bertie Wooster’s ears in the second selection of books from Just Enough Jeeves, by P. G. Wodehouse. Very Good, Jeeves is a collection of eleven stories in which Bertie Wooster finds himself caught in a variety of tight spots and is invariably saved by his faithful manservant, Jeeves.

In these stories, Bertie fancies he has the same problem-solving expertise as Jeeves. His solutions to a variety of situations, such as enacting revenge on his boyhood pal, Tuppy Glossop, wriggling out of the clutches of his controlling Aunt Agatha, or saving Bingo Little’s marriage, fall short in logic and execution and Jeeves is always at the ready to save the day or arrange for a quick escape.

Sometimes Bertie is a nettled that no one takes him seriously, including Jeeves. Sometimes Jeeves is piqued that Bertie goes against his advice, but their amusing back and forths during the situation of the moment lead each story to a happy finish. And in the end, an ever-grateful Bertie always gives brainy Jeeves due credit.

You know, whatever you may say against old Jeeves – and I, for one have never wavered in my opinion that his views on shirts for evening wear are hidebound and reactionary to a degree – you’ve got to admit that the man can plan a campaign. Napoleon could have taken his correspondence course.

Very Good, Jeeves is another wonderful escape into the silly world of the upper class English, poking fun in just the right way.

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