What’s That Book? The Bone Wall by D. Wallace Peach

Whats That Book

The Bone Wall

Title: The Bone Wall

Author: D. Wallace Peach

Genre: Sci-fi; post-apocalyptic

Rating: 5 stars

What’s it about?  The Bone Wall is a story set in a broken world of the future, with desolate landscapes, fouled water and pockets of what remains of civilization. Fear, old myths, and hostility separate them. The remnants of the old world are domed cities, protected from outsiders by power shields. After centuries of use, they begin to fail. Outside the domes are tribes whose social order is enforced via force and brutality, plus the magic of the “Touched”, who are members of the various tribes with physical deformities but magical powers.

Heaven is one such domed city, and with the failure of its shield, the city is defenseless to the tribes encircling it. What happens when Heaven is invaded by outsiders is told through the eyes of twin sisters, Rimma, strong-willed twin and vengeful, and Angel, gentle-hearted and peaceful.

I am not normally drawn to post-apocalyptic novels, but the author has created such a detailed and fascinating world with such beautifully crafted, very real, characters, I could hardly put it down. There is a very subtle undercurrent to this story of our own world issues, which lends authenticity and a sense of realism. A dark novel, but one with hope, endlessly fascinating.

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Closing comment: Even if it’s not your usual genre, you’ll enjoy the read.

Contributor:  N.A. Granger
Author of:
Death in a Red Canvas Chair
Death in a Dacron Sail

You can find N.A. Granger and information about her Rhe Brewster mystery series, at SaylingAway, Facebook and Amazon.

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