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promethea book 1

Title: Promethea: Book 1

Author: Alan Moore (artists: J. H. Williams III and Mick Gray)

Genre: Graphic Novel/Fantasy

Rating: 5 stars

What’s it about?  This is the story about a college student named Sophie Bangs who becomes the incarnation of Promethea, a goddess heroine who reincarnates in women throughout history.

This graphic novel is steeped in symbolism, archetypes, and mythology. Promethea is reincarnated throughout history as a result of stories written about her. It is through reading these stories and connecting with the myths that one becomes open to being the latest incarnation. So essentially, this story is about the power of storytelling and the cycles of stories, archetypes, and symbols that are part of the collective consciousness.

There is also a prominent sub-plot that is worth mentioning. The Sophie incarnation of Promethea discovers that she is destined to bring about the apocalypse. At first, she finds this terrifying, until she learns that the apocalypse is a shift in human consciousness from materialism to a creative and spiritual level of consciousness represented by a mythical realm called The Immateria.

How did you hear about it?  This was recommended to me by a friend on Facebook based upon things I had been reading. Also, when I inquired about it at Comic Envy (Asheville’s local comic store), the owner said I would love it and that it is a truly mind-blowing work.

Closing comments:  I am fascinated by mythology, symbols, and archetypes. Also, as a book nerd, I love the transformative power of the written word. “Promethea” has all of this along with beautiful illustrations that transport the reader to Immateria, the place where imagination and creativity rules.

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