Archie – The Married Life Book 2 by Paul Kupperberg

Archie The Married LifeArchie – The Married Life
Two Worlds. Two Loves. Two Destinies
Book Two
Paul Kupperberg

Illustrated by this talented team of artists:

Archie 10Rating:

Imagine your favorite Archie comic book characters, once forever locked in the glory days of high school, now twenty-something adults, making their way in the fantasy town of Riverdale. You may ask, “Who did Archie marry? Betty or Veronica?” Well in an alternate universe, anything can happen and here is where Archie lives in two worlds, married to fresh-faced and hard-working Betty in one, and hitched to rich-girl Veronica, daughter of the ruthless, money hungry Hiram Lodge.

I didn’t know what to expect when I picked up this familiar looking comic book. I’d read plenty of Archie comic books as a girl, but I’d never read a full graphic novel before. This is a substantial work of more than 300 pages of entertaining plot, dialogue and terrific graphics, with a great variety of illustrations, bubble thoughts, plot summaries, zoom-outs, silliness, subtle jokes and amusing wordplay. In addition, there are just enough shady characters and wholesome romantic innuendo to sustain a mysterious plot.

Both stories revolve around Mr. Lodge’s obsession with controlling the town of Riverdale and the upcoming trial of Reggie Mantle, who has been charged with trying to bribe the mayor. An additional common subplot covers Jughead’s rapidly expanding Chocklit Shoppe business, soon to be a nationwide franchise.

Paul Kupperberg is a veteran comic book writer and does an excellent job presenting these modern and edgy stories, while retaining the happy fantasy of the eternally optimistic and ultimately good and universally good-looking Archie characters.

Check out these screen-shots and you’ll see what I mean.

Archie 9
Look how happy and enthusiastic the gang is!


Archie 5
Jughead just wants to flip burgers…


Archie 6
Archie may be getting into a little trouble here!

Here’s my recommendation:  if you’re looking for a fun diversion and an easy read, try reading one of these graphic novels. There’s a lot more to them than you think!

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