Who’s That Indie Author? A. E. Hellstorm

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A. E. Hellstorm
A. E. Hellstorm

Author name: A.E. Hellstorm

Genre: Mixed (Horror/Relationship/Crime)

Books: In the Hands of the Unknown, Lost

In the Hands of the Unknown  Lost

Bio: A.E. Hellstorm was born in Sweden, but spent several years of her youth in Portugal and Greece, before returning to Stockholm, her city of birth. As a young adult she took a diploma in Creative Writing, as well as a Master of Arts in Scientific Archaeology. In 2005, she and her husband moved to Canada together with their cats, and have lived there ever since. In Canada she took a diploma in Arts and Cultural Management, and in Photography. She opened her photography business Flying Elk Photography in 2012. ‘In the Hands of the Unknown’ and ‘Lost’ are her first published novels, but she has had a play, ‘Marsvindar’, staged at Rosenlundsteatern in Stockholm, Sweden, in 1992, and she has also participated in two anthologies: ‘Karbunkel’ in 1994, and the ‘2014 Wyrdcon Companion Book’.

Favorite thing about being a writer: The favorite thing about being a writer is that you are never alone. You always have company by your characters.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: I would say that the biggest challenge for an indie author is to be seen. There are so many people who think that indie authors are synonymous with bad literature, but there are also gold nuggets out there waiting to be found; authors who for different reasons aren’t very interested in a publicity company and thus decide to publish on their own.

Favorite book: There are so many. Do I have to choose just one? I like The Ground Beneath Her Feet by Salman Rushdie, Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, Gut Symmetries by Jeannette Winterson, to name a few.

Contact Information: Hellhagproductions.com, Goodreads Author, @Noarenne on Twitter

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