Who’s That Indie Author? Evan Asher

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evan asher in suit
Evan Asher

Author name: Evan Asher

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Books: The Profiteer by Evan Asher, Sweeter for the Pain by Evan Asher, A Dangerous Tune by Evan Asher & Rosemary Carr, Untrusting Hearts by Evan Asher & Madison Hartt

Bio: Evan was born and raised in the Midwest and crunches numbers for a living. In his free time, he wrangles words. He has written two novels: The Profiteer and Sweeter for the Pain. He has co-written two others: A Dangerous Tune with Rosemary Carr and Untrusting Hearts with Madison Hartt. Since adolescence, Evan has been in love with love, from that first loaded gaze, through the dance of courtship, to the culmination of hearts’ tender passions.

Favorite thing about being a writer: Creating fictional worlds and characters.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: Making time to write. On weekends, I can easily get distracted by other activities and my sofa often holds me hostage in front of the television.

Favorite book: The Mothers by Vardis Fisher, a rather horrifying true account of the Donner Party crossing. It always makes me grateful for the warmth of my home and abundance of food that I usually take for granted. Though it’s a sad tale, it’s also the story of great courage and endurance.

Contact Information:  Connect with Evan on the following sites:
Website: http://evanasher.weebly.com/
Twitter: @EvanAsher555
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/8104307.Evan_Asher

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