Who’s That Indie Author? Susan Kotch

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Susan Kotch
Susan Kotch

Author name: Susan Kotch

Genre: Young Adult

Books: Casey of Cranberry Cove (2015) Casey Whitman, High Flyer (2016)

Casey of Cranberry Cove

Bio: I’m a Middle School Language Arts Teacher living at the Jersey Shore. I’m a proponent of having students discover the joy of reading for pleasure, and at the urging of 8th grade students, decided to try writing something they’d enjoy reading. I took them through the entire process of writing to publication. Teaching is technically my third “career”. I started in news for 5 years, went on to corporate project management for 17 years, and now I’m sharing that knowledge and using it to help students prepare for what’s really out there. I’ve been there, so I know.

Favorite thing about being a writer: This is an easy one. Creating and escaping to a world other than the one I spend all my time in. Travelling without leaving my chair. Making some really cool friends. Writing is so very cool.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: The marketing, for sure! Creating a marketing plan is a full-time job in itself! Working full-time, and writing the next book makes it difficult to spend the time that’s really needed to get the word out there. Oh, and marketing yourself, let’s not forget that. Branding is important, but time consuming.

Favorite book: My all time favorite is Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden. I think I am in awe of how a male author was able to create the female characters so perfectly. I’m a big fan of the books by Japanese writer Akira Yoshimura. Shipwrecks and Storm Rider are my favorites. I love how his descriptive prose takes a reader right there to the moment. I also love the romance of Raine Miller, especially her historic romance, and the comedy of Alice Clayton, but those I can only discuss with my adult friends. For my students, I enjoy reading Mike Lupica, John Green, and the classics such as Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, The Giver, and anything by Laurie Halse Anderson.

Contact Information: Come visit me on twitter @susankotch, or via my website, susankotch.com.

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