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Today I received my 100th Facebook Like for Book Club Mom and, let me tell you, it’s a good thing I have a thick skin because reaching that milestone has been an arduous process. What is the secret to building a successful Facebook page? And why is it such a mystery?

My 100 likes are made up of personal friends and fellow WordPress and Twitter followers. It was easy to invite my personal friends. They are, after all, my good friends. But once they were in, I was left to ponder just how successful pages and businesses build a following on Facebook. Let’s face it, while I’m celebrating the 100 and appreciate every single one, I have a long way to go. Once again, I’m in high school, standing with a solid group of good friends, watching the mass of fabulous cliques pass me by, and I’m looking for a clue.

Here’s what I have learned:

  • One way to get FB likes is to go on Twitter and Direct Message the Twitter world. I learned this by seeing what other people do and have copycatted this idea. But there are a lot of downsides to this approach. Not everyone appreciates a Direct Message and some Twitter accounts block them. People are always wary of clicking on unknown links, even if they look legit. In addition, choosing accounts to message and reaching out to them is very time consuming. I’m sure there’s a way to prepare an automatic thank-you message after a follow, to include my FB link, but I don’t always enjoy receiving those. They do seem a little insincere and there is still the problem of the unknown and potentially sketchy link.
  • Another way to acquire likes is to search Facebook for accounts of interest, visit and like those pages. This may seem obvious, but it is also time-consuming and I am baffled by the different categories of Facebook accounts and pages and the different ways to like a page. Finding the like option seems to vary and not all pages are compatible with each other. My page is a Community, but there are many other types. There are also pages for local businesses or places, companies, organizations, institutions, brands or products, artists, bands or public figures, and causes. Separate and in a different world is the Facebook Group. Where’s a chart to explain all this?
  • It would be nice to see who likes and follows other Facebook pages, and find pages to like that way, but Facebook keeps that information private.
  • Like the classic apples and oranges problem, I want my community page to like lots of other relevant pages, but sometimes the only way to connect is to add that account or person to my personal page. I like to keep things separate and I don’t like receiving friend requests from people I don’t know. I’m sure the same is true for others .
  • Finding WordPress bloggers who have Facebook pages is another way to go and I’ve also connected that way, but this is another time-consuming process. I always check to see if a blogger has a Facebook page and look for the like option, but again, sometimes the pages are personal accounts, with no way for my page to like and be liked.


So I ask you, what are your Facebook experiences? What kind of page do you have? How do you get other pages to like your page? We have some clues, let’s solve the mystery!

Thanks for visiting – come back soon!


14 thoughts on “Blog views & other obsessions – The Facebook Mystery

  1. Facebook page likes are probably irrelevant now anyway, since FB only sends out posts to a handful of a page’s ‘likers’. So there’s no guarantees those who have liked our page will see our posts. FB wants us to pay to promote our posts. If we do, the post will reach a larger audience. So our public pages aren’t all that useful.

    I, too, have kept my personal and public pages separate, but lately I’ve been wondering if I should let up on this. Maybe the way to go is to friend everyone. Of course, if I do that, I don’t feel comfortable posting pics of my family or other personal updates, which is why I went with a public page in the first place. And I like restricting my personal site to mostly family. Such a conundrum.

    1. Wow I didn’t know that only a handful of likers receive posts. Hmmmmmmm…thanks for your input. What other social media sites do you find useful to promote yourself? Instagram? Pinterest? I am not on those but I understand you can’t post links on Instagram. Is that right?

      1. I’m not on Instagram or Pinterest. I just don’t have the time. I mostly just use my blog and Twitter. I post to FB from time to time. And Google+? I neglect it terribly. Sigh.

      2. Ooh… I really don’t like doing this but I’m leaving a link to my own blog for you. I just posted a poll about Pinterest and Instagram (especially for writers) and the comment section is very informative:


  2. I keep a FB page for my blog, but I barely do anything with it. My blog posts automatically post there, and every once in a while I’ll share something, but for the most part, I pretty much ignore it. I use Twitter sparingly, and that’s about it. Honestly, I don’t feel like I have time to bother with FB and other social media, so I just write my blog posts and leave it at that. I definitely keep my blog FB page separate from my personal FB!

  3. I agree with Carrie. We don’t even get all the posts from our friends, not that I even put any effort into FB anyway. I look in on it, but don’t leave messages or likes. It seems too fake an exchange to me. I only use FB for my blog and friend mostly other bloggers.

  4. I don’t have Facebook but these seem like decent ideas. It’s difficult to get followers/friends on there. I’ve read so many “YOU HAVE TO have Facebook” and just as many “You DO NOT need Facebook” so…eh. One thing I will say is that I have a Twitter account and I’m one of those people you mentioned who is wary of clicking on unknown links in DMs. Actually, if I get a DM with a “follow me here…” in it, I delete the DM.

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