What’s up next? After You by Jojo Moyes

After You

If you read Me Before You, you are probably wondering how Lou Clark is doing on her own, now that Will Traynor is gone. I was, and I’m glad my book club friend chose After You for one of our upcoming discussions.

Me before you pic

If you haven’t read Me Before You yet, here’s a basic description without giving anything away:

Lou Clark, a working-class girl in a small town in England, has lost her job.  She has trouble finding another and reluctantly accepts an offer to be care-giver for a quadriplegic man, Will Traynor.  She’s kind of quirky.  He’s bitter and has a difficult personality.  It’s a love story, but there’s a whole lot more.

Me Before You is the kind of book you have to read yourself to know what it’s about.  To read a more detailed plot would spoil the experience.  There is happiness in this story.  There are many very funny parts.  But there are also many sad moments and many difficult and moral decisions.

After You tells Lou’s story once she’s on her own. I’ve already begun reading and will tell you that Jojo Moyes is an excellent writer. She is both funny and serious in just the right measure so that, when her characters move through the hard parts of life, you know they will be lifted with the proper amount of humor and affection.

Me Before You is the kind of book you power through because the subject matter demands it. After You is also a fast-moving story and I’m sure I will be finished soon.

If you are interested in the storyline, check out my blog posts on Me Before You. There is one with no spoilers and a second one which discusses Lou’s difficult moral decision.

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Me Before You by Jojo Moyes – What would you do? – Warning: spoilers below

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