Blog views and other obsessions – Joining Facebook groups and sharing your work

One way to increase blog views is to join related Facebook groups and share your posts on them. You can join up to 6,000 groups.

There are three types of Facebook groups, public, closed and secret. In the public groups, anyone can join, be added or invited by a member. In closed groups, anyone can ask to join or be added or invited by a member. Secret groups are only open to those who are invited or added by a member. Visit the Facebook Help Center for more information about these groups.

You must follow the group’s rules – some don’t allow certain kinds of posts. Rules are often pinned to the tops of these pages. By mistake, I posted my request for indie authors on a book review page and was called out (not very nicely) as a spammer. I felt very unwelcome. Sigh…I’m a nice person and it was an honest mistake. But rules are rules, I suppose. With a hung head, I deleted my post. I left the group because it gave me a bad vibe, however. Sometimes you just have to move on.

One negative is that you must participate through your personal FB page – I don’t like doing that because I like to keep my two worlds separate, plus my personal feed was promptly swamped with comments and posts by people I didn’t know but who were part of the many FB groups I joined. You can change your settings so you don’t have to view these, however, but it was a mess in the beginning! (The good thing about initially seeing all these post feeds is that right away, you will get an idea of which groups are good fits for you. Just because it’s a book review group doesn’t mean you will be interested in the books that are discussed.) And I’ve accepted the personal page drawback because when you share a post, you are ultimately linking FB to your blog. That’s the goal, right?

Some groups like the Amazon Book Clubs block postings on their page feeds. I’m not sure why. It could be temporary, but this is an example of how you have to work your way through the groups and find out what works best for you.

Other groups require an administrator to approve your shared post, so delays in seeing your post on that page are common.

For anyone who is writing articles to share, I found a Facebook group called Share Your Articles which allows you to do just that. It has over 3,000 members, so there’s a good opportunity there.

So all in all a good way to increase readership, although I’m still bumbling through. Of course, there is only so much time in the day to participate in social media. I don’t have the time to read and comment on all the Facebook group posts. And that might also be true of all its members. I have noticed a direct connection to views after I share on certain pages, however. You must decide what works best for you.

If you are a writer, book lover or reviewer, you might be interested in these Facebook groups:

Amazon Book Clubs (Public Group; 29,896 members)
Author and Book Discussion Group (Closed Group; 1,499 members)
Book Group – (Public Group; 442 members
Closed Books Don’t Get Read Book Club (Closed Group; 1,695 members)
Great Reads (Closed Group, 8,810 members)
Share Your Articles (Public Group; 3,317 members)
Writers World (Closed Group; 3,073 members)

What experience do you have with Facebook groups? Are you able to increase your readership by sharing or participating in these groups?

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10 thoughts on “Blog views and other obsessions – Joining Facebook groups and sharing your work

  1. I’m only in two Facebook groups, mostly because they sought me out. I don’t post on them. I think it gets back to that introvert thing: I’m comfortable posting on my own sites but feel like an intruder posting on other. Plus, I just don’t have time. I’m not a huge fan of FB. But I know I could probably get benefit from them if I took the time.

    1. I know what you’re saying. FB has a lot of confusing rules. I didn’t like being called out by a random person from the one group. The guy was really over the top! I mean let’s all try to get along, right? Still contemplating an Instagram account…

      1. I don’t know, but everyone tells me authors should have one. Put up quotes from your book, pictures that might relate, etc. I’d have to read up on it first.

  2. I belong to one blogging group on Facebook, but I always forget to post to it. I seem to have a hard enough time posting on my own social media. I joined BlogHer. That’s another one I forget about. I’m not too good at this. Sigh. But thanks for the ones you mentioned. They look like good ones!

    1. Thanks for commenting. In the end it comes down to finding what is the most effective way to get your posts out there with the least amount of time and effort. I mostly use Twitter and WordPress to get the job done. Still a hobby and we all have lives!

  3. I’m not on Facebook or any other social media at the moment – I’m worried I’d be swamped with extra ‘work’ and not have the time to do full credit to any platform. As for wordpress my experience has only be positive and unless you’re chasing ‘likes’ it’s great for making real contact with people.

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