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Author name: Shelley Wilson

Genre: I divide my writing time between the fantasy worlds of my young adult fiction, which I write as S.L. Wilson, and my non-fiction self-help books for adults.

Books: Self-help: How I Changed My Life in a Year (Shortlisted for Best Self-Published Title 2014 by Writing Magazine, Best Seller in Women’s Biographies, Self-Help and Memoir 2014/2015), Meditation for Beginners, Vision Boards for Beginners.

How I Changed My Life

YA: Guardians of the Dead (Book One in the Guardian Series, 2015), Guardians of the Sky (Book Two in the Guardian Series, 2016). Book 3, Guardians of the Lost Lands is due for release in December 2016.


Bio: Shelley began to create her own stories at a young age, weaving tales around faeries, witches and dragons. Her fantasy books blend a love of the supernatural with strong female protagonists.

Shelley’s non-fiction work is rooted in a passion for helping women to believe in themselves and become strong, motivated individuals. Can you spot the common thread between the two genres?

As well as writing, Shelley is an obsessive reader and book reviewer. She lives in Solihull in the West Midlands, UK, with her three teenage children, a kitten called Luna, and a fat fish. Shelley describes herself as a teetotal, pizza-loving, Facebook addict with a preoccupation with list writing. She would love to live in the Shire but fears that her five-foot-ten-inch height may cause problems.

Favorite thing about being a writer: Creating fantasy worlds and interesting characters is always fun. With my self-help titles I hope to inspire and motivate women to be the best they can be.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: That would be promotion/marketing. Fortunately, I love social media and have great fun with the followers on my YA Facebook page. I also interact with the amazing blogging and writing community on Twitter. Keeping up with the management of these platforms (add to this my accounts on Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn) can distract me from my writing – I need to find a balance between chatting and writing!

Favorite book: The Folk of the Faraway Tree by Enid Blyton (I still have my original copy)

Contact Information:

Website: http://www.shelleywilsonauthor.co.uk
Writer Blog: http://shelleywilsonauthor.com
Motivational Blog: http://myresolutionchallenge.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FantasyAuthorSLWilson
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/ShelleyWilson72

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  1. It seems we all struggle with the marketing/promotion angle. That’s the most common answer I’ve seen to the Biggest Challenge question. At least we’re not alone in our struggle!

    1. Reminds me of when I started my own business. I just wanted to do the work I was selling, not promote myself or get clients. But I quickly learned, no clients, no work!

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