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I just read a great short story by Tim Gautreaux called “Same Place, Same Things” and while I’m working on my review, here’s a Who’s That Author profile on Gautreaux, including excerpts from an excellent interview with Margaret D. Bauer for the online journal, Southern Spaces.

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Tim Gautreaux – Amazon Author Page

Tim Gautreaux is the author of three novels and three collections of stories. His work has appeared in The Atlantic Monthly, GQ, Harper’s Magazine, and The New Yorker, as well as in volumes of the O. Henry and The Best American Short Story annuals. A professor emeritus in English at Southeastern Louisiana University, he lives with his family in Hammond, Louisiana.

Interesting facts about Tim Gautreaux:

  • He is a descendant of the French Acadians, who came from Nova Scotia and settled in Louisiana.
  • Gautreaux most often writes about the white working class of Louisiana. He is sometimes called a Cajun writer, but he resists that label, saying that he simply writes about the people and the area he knows.
  • His father was a tugboat captain and his grandfather was a steamboat chief engineer.
  • He majored in English at Nicholls State University and earned his PhD at University of South Carolina.
  • Gautreaux began his teaching career at Southeastern Louisiana University.
  • Although Gautreaux was forty-nine when his first book was published, his short fiction had already received much recognition and appeared in The Atlanic Monthly, Harper’s, GQ and several short story anthologies.

Great quotes from Gautreaux in an interview with Margaret Bauer

So when you mentioned that I only started publishing in major venues in my forties, well, most people do that. It takes twenty years for you to develop the language skills, the intellectual filters in your brain that tell you what to put on the page and what to leave off the page. It takes an incredibly long time to develop these skills.

Unless you’re a truly rare talent, generally you’re not going to sell a book to a decent house or in a major publication until you’re along the line a ways.

On the subject of short fiction:

The short story is a very important genre. Think of the major American writers who are known more for their short stories than their novels. That statement goes back to Hawthorne and Poe and applies to contemporary writers like Joyce Carol Oates.

Collections of short stories:
Same Place, Same Things (2013)
Waiting for the Evening News (2010)
Welding with Children (2009)

The Missing (2010)
The Clearing (2004)
The Next Step in the Dance (1999)

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Click here to read my review of “Same Place, Same Things”

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