Who’s That Indie Author? Linda K. Sienkiewicz

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Linda K Sienkiewicz

Author name: Linda K. Sienkiewicz

Genre: Women’s Fiction

Book: In the Context of Love. Honorable Mention in the Great Midwest Book Festival. Published 2015 by Buddhapuss Ink LLC

In the Context of Love

Bio: As a girl, I was fond of folding and stapling craft paper into miniature books that I filled with drawings and happily-ever-after stories. I was a scholarship art student and worked in graphics, but eventually returned to my other love, writing. I’m well-published in poetry and fiction. In the Context of Love, a story about love, lust and family secrets, is my debut novel.         

Favorite thing about being a writer: I can triumph over adversity, explore a world different from mine, reconfigure time, and challenge myself. I can fail and then get back up. I can make the impossible possible, turn the ugly into something beautiful, and name the unthinkable. Through story, I can help readers make sense of the chaos we call life.

Biggest challenge as an indie author: Being published by a small press means not getting the big advance that another author might get from a big New York publisher. But that’s okay. I didn’t write In the Context of Love to get rich. I wrote it because the story begged to be written.

Favorite book: Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. It can still make me cry.

Contact Information:
In the Context of Love website
Linda’s website – lindasienkiewicz.com
Twitter – @LindaKSienkwicz
Facebook – lindasienkiewicz.author

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One thought on “Who’s That Indie Author? Linda K. Sienkiewicz

  1. I used to make miniature books too when young. The drawings lead to becoming an artist, not a writer. I feel for writers not getting the big money of previous generations. The internet has both pluses and minuses for success.

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