The Liberty Box by C. A. Gray

The Liberty Box
The Liberty Box

C. A. Gray

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Imagine a society in which the government takes over its people’s thoughts, making them believe they are prosperous. Only an outsider can see the truth: an evil Potentate has formed a deviant New Republic in which its people are actually destitute and powerless. In The Liberty Box, a devastating economic collapse in America has led to this dystopian society. After the collapse, angry citizens turned to riots and looting and a police state resulted. Benjamin Voltolini, a venture capitalist billionaire knew how to get the economy running again. His solution began with a genetically engineered virus, let loose on the population.

This is the exciting premise of Book 1 of this Young Adult series. Twenty-four years later, Kate Brandeis is a successful newscaster, who is unknowingly supporting the Potentate’s propaganda. She regularly reports on the government’s Enemies of the State and their executions. Kate is shocked when her former roommate’s name shows up on the EOS list and she turns to fiancé and computer genius Will to help her find out what happened. A rush of memories returns to Kate, but the government discovers her research and does everything it can to maintain control.

I enjoyed reading The Liberty Box. Gray makes her story believable with good, evil and conflicted characters, and she makes it interesting by introducing mystical ideas. Gray’s ideas include Jackson MacNamera, a larger-than-life character with heightened senses. When Jackson joins a group of rebel outsiders, he must define his role in this growing conflict.

The Liberty Box is a fast-paced story with a clear definition of good and evil. Gray includes varied twists and setbacks which ultimately lead to the beginnings of a rebellion. Whether this movement is strong enough to support a revolution is left to the next book, which is nicely previewed at the finish of Book 1. This enjoyable read leaves many questions unanswered, promising more excitement in Book 2!

I received a copy of The Liberty Box in exchange for an honest review.

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